Mars is dying...

Mars is dying...

Not through fault or neglect or wicked reason, not even because of the Gods; though some would say this is so. Mars is dying because it is old.

For time beyond count, our world has floated with the orb of the sun god, basking in the everwarmth that it provides, the Martian brothers sailing around giving constant company.

The Ancients warned the death of Mars might be so. Long, long ago; before the Storm. It is said the Storm lasted for an age or more: I for one, do not believe this to be true even though the clan elders warn me against foolish words.

There are still some Ancient writings in the deep deserts for those who wish to learn and are willing to brave sandstorms and the creatures that live there. Most of our knowledge from before the Storm comes from stories told around the clan fires, told again and again, embellished ever so lightly with each clan teller so who knows what is true and what is not.

With each storm season, the Ancient houses and temples disappear and reappear so fast that is easy to loose them completely, Gods know how large their cites were or what final secrets they contain. Three whole clans have been lost searching for the chief city with no sign or call from them these long years past.

But now we have new troubles and concerns. The Earthers have come to Mars: to steal and pillage what they can and to take it away to their blue world. Curse them to the Gods! They have no right, no honour and no need to be here. Like parasites they come here destroying whatever they touch and leaving mayhem in their wake.

They must be sent back across the sky ocean to their blue world.

They must be stopped.

It must happen now!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Trade Delegation AAR:

The Japanese encampment about 150km from New Victoria. Aak Naks out on patrol in the distance and the Sky Martian leader Raa Maa Lam being presented to the Princess Imperial.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, Martians from the Raas Ak Naa clan sneak upon the flank and try to charge the Aak Naks. The Aak Naks take up defensive positions in an abandoned corral and give the Sky Martians some withering fire.

Closer to the camp, more Raas Ak Nar manage to get close to the proceedings and a few get past the Aak Naks in the corral and charge into the Japanese troops.

Seeing off this initial attack the Japanese turn to find another attack from both the Daas Ak Nar and the Kaas Ak Thaal.

Feirce fighting ensues and the Japanese hold their own but it is close and the Princesses own Hatamoto charge in to save their ward.

On the other flank, the Aak Naks beat off the Rass Ak Naa and turn to face remnants of the Daas Ak Nar, seeing them off in short time.

With the majority of the Sky Martians either defeated or fleeing the leader of the Kaas Ak Thaal (Takers of Heads) taunts the remaining Japanese. Or was it a warning...

A very close run victory for the Japanese. It is unknown at this point whether negotiations will continue with Prince Raa Maa Lam...

Diary of Archibald Harris-Hampton...

The Sky Martian Prince seems to be taking more risks to ingratiate himself with the Japanese/Anglo alliance and one can only assume that he hasn't spoken to the other powers yet. I wonder if they know the full extent of what is occurring here on the Red Planet...

Game was played using the Rifles and Spears variant of M+T, thanks to Happy Wanderer!